Past Meetings

2020 Los Angeles

Took place in the Los Angeles Convention Center, Sunday, March 1, 2020, 3:30-5:00 p.m.
Under Construction

March 2, 1997 (Orlando, FL)

“The Beginnings of Modern Pathology”

Moderator: William H. Hartmann

Santo V. Nicosia
Christian Nezeloff
Darryl Carter

March 25, 2007 (San Diego, CA)

“The Role of the Pathologist in Tumor Diagnosis and Treatment”

Moderator: Ann M. Nelson

Juan Rosai
Donald R. Chase

March 4-13, 2017 (San Antonio, Texas)

“Pathology in the Wake of the Great War”

Moderator: James R. Wright

James R. Wright
Robin Cooke

For a detailed list of all of the History of Pathology Society’s past meetings please see this document compiled by Santo V. Nicosia, Secretary-Treasurer on the 20th anniversary of the society.

List of Past Meetings_HISTORY OF PATHOLOGY SOCIETY__Nicosia


Download document of previous meetings